• Wine & Spirits sampler

  • The world's finest chocolate meets the purest, local spirits to create a bacchanal celebration.  Cheers!  This box contains: Raspberry Cosmopolitan, Champagne Fizz, Grand Marnier, Bailey's & Cream, Amaretto, and, Whiskey Neat. 

     **This product only ships to the following states: AZ, CA ,IL, MO, NV,& WV**

    Ingredients: 61% Chocolate, 38% Chocolate, 31% Chocolate, Organic Cream, Organic Butter, Organic Citrus, Grand Marnier, St George Raspberry Liqueur, Brut Cuvee, St. George Whiskey, Bailey’s, Amaretto, Pop Rocks, 23 Karat Gold, Glucose, Organic skim milk, Salt, Sorbitol, Organic lemon juice.


  • $15.00

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